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Oil pressure/temp switches

To those who may know the answer-

I have an Audi 200 T (Euro spec) with a leaking oil pressure switch which
also has a temp switch attached to it (2 parts screwed on as one). I searched
the parts like this at the dealership and at Campbell-Nelson (north Seattle)
but all I saw were either a single unit (pressure sw) screwed on the block or
two of them screwed on next to one another. I wonder if even the switch I
have is Euro spec. It'd be far fetched tho. Any one knows about that kind of
switch and where I can find it?

Another funny thing is that one of the wire for the temp switch, when
contacted to metal (ground) the radiator fan runs. Now this is oil, not
water. I'll have to consult the Audi factory manual and trace the wire (brown

For now I'm just going to screw on the pressure swtich I got to stop the