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Re: 5000CST running cool?

On Sat, 19 Apr 1997, Preston Brown wrote:

> I just put a new radiator into my 86 5000CST, and now the temperature
> guage never even seems to creep beyond the first mark on the scale.  Is my
> car running too cool now?  Where do other 5000 owners' gauges generally
> sit?
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>  -Preston Brown
>   preston.brown@yale.edu
My '87 received a new radiator two months ago (wasn't that a fun job) and
before, it ran just past the half mark. Now it is at halfway in between
the quarter and half marks... How did yours show before? Hope you got an
all-metal replcmnt, the only reason mine leaked was disintegrating tanks
of plastic. Core was fine. 

To the best of my knowledge, assuming the thermostat is working properly
and the fan isn't running all the time (like when a previous owner
jump-wires it) how can a turbomotor run too cool? Especially with all that
hardware. I mean Audi put in oil jets for the pistons, sodium in the
valves, air-cooled the injectors, water-cooled the turbo (with aux pump!)
and installed an oil cooler- did I mention it's intercooled? I think this
motor could have a potential heat problem- they engineered around it
exhaustively. Assuming proper thermo/fan operation, I might cast a
judicious eye on the gauge itself...