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Re: 5000CST running cool?

In a message dated 97-04-20 00:13:07 EDT, you write:

<< I just put a new radiator into my 86 5000CST, and now the temperature
 guage never even seems to creep beyond the first mark on the scale.  Is my
 car running too cool now?  Where do other 5000 owners' gauges generally
 sit? >>

My opinions:
As a general guide going by most of the dash gauges, VW's & Audi's should
be usually about one notch below melt down.  The Deutschlanders dont't
appear to believe that a gauge should stay in the middle, they apparently 
consider that boring.  

When refilling the cooling system on many cars it is nessecary to "bleed"
the air from the system. Often an air pocket will form in the cylinder head
and it will prevent coolant from getting there and sometimes from giving the
sender something to "read". Keep driving with the air pocket there and 
bad, ugly & expensive things will happen very quickly no matter how 
low the gauge is reading. Sometimes to bleed the system, 
you can take off the top hose and fill the cylinder head instead 
of the radiator.

Most applications call for an 87c thermostat. Some older cars took an
80c themostat. However, they are matched to the radiator fan thermo
switch and should only be changed as a set. 

Ol' uncle George always took the thermostat out of his '62 Chevy so it
would run cooler in the summer... What Ol' uncle George didn't know is 
that heat, makes horsepower and fuel effeciency. Cars are supposed
to run hot these days and they should get to that operating range as
quickly as possible.

However, nothing says your "multi-failure coolant temperature sender" 
isn't expressing it's sense of humor.
Vince Lyons