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In a message dated 20 Apr 1997 09:56:01 EDT, danh@rapidramp.com wrote:

>From: "Ross" <r.oss@rippmods.com>
>To: "J. Stevens" <jstevens@kaiwan.com>
>Subject: Re: RIPP OFF
>Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 09:56:01 -0400
>X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
>I'm sorry for CAPS!! and I regret being called a 
>fool by fellow Audi guys and like I said the cars 
>very for real!!!!
>  As for mailing the whole list oops!!
>Didn't mean to .
> I didn't trash any of you! I'm one your side!!!
>I'm not selling myself or my company I am and
>was tierd of the same  3 people telling me Audi
>5000tq are no good you need a 20v or S4 or mabey
>you  sould by a A4 turbo.
>  I like to go fast and I proved it to TURBO MAG 
>and all I wanted to do is share it with you guys!!!???
>  What do I get back"this guy is a fool""this guy is 
>a RIPP off"!!!!
>PS. I never said I had a web page I have a phone #         
jstevens@kaiwan.com		    Orange County, California
johnstevens@ucsd.edu		Multimedia Development Center
La Jolla, California	University of California at San Diego