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     Hey guys,

        I figured I have to add my $.02 in here since I probably know more abou
t this guy than anyone else on the list (although I have never met him).  His
name is Ross Espisito and he owns a shop called Ripp Modified Performance in
Statten Island, NY.  He also has a really fast 10V 5KTQ that will be in the May
issue of Turbo Magazine.  A guy I know here at school used to work with Ross at
that shop, and he too owns a 5KTQ (although not as nice).  But, yes, his name
really is ross and he has not lied about anything he has said.  I don't know
who this Dan Heath guy is, but I figure he is a friend and he is using his emai
l address.  Anyways, I know he's done work on a sweet 5KTQ SCCA Pro Rally car,
and done some sweet mods, but that is all I know.  Anyways, I don't think he
meant any harm and I too think he needs to watch out and not try to use the
list as a means of advertisement.  But, I think maybee we are being to hard on
him.  I agree, Is this any way to welcome a new member to our list?  Think
about it.