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Old Audi's

Can anyone on the list help out with this one? I can't offer much help

>Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 10:33:35 -0700
>From: Merlin Hanson <eshanson@osprey.smcm.edu>
>Organization: St. Mary's College of MD
>To: JGriff@pobox.com
>Subject: Old Audi's
>I sent one message of this kind to your mid Atlantic contact since I am
>from Maryland.  I am wondering if you know of any sources of information
>on 1950's Audis.  I think I found one in a junkyard and am wondering how
>common they are and whether they are worth restoring.  I actually have
>never seen one before in my life either in pictures or person, so I am
>unsure of the date on this one.  If you can give me any guidance please
>e-mail back to me.  many thanks and good day, Merlin Hanson

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
   "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S