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Re: AUDI IS AUDI and thats it

Unka Bart--Well said!  Kinda reminds me o' the time you gave *me* a little talkin to! 

As a guy who deals with end users all day long, I can say confidently that *lot* of 
folks just don't know how their little mistakes effect others--I don't think he knows 
he's screwing up.  I'm not entirely defending him--seems he comes on a little strong a 
little too soon (I'm big on quietly entering a room and not shouting until you're 
asked to).  But If anyone can get his ear, it's you Meester Unka Sir.

YO, ROSS!  Listen the da Unka, an' start snippin' yer dern posts, cowpoke!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Monetti
86 Coupe GT, 85k