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Re: Parts Clearout!!!!

In a previous episode, I wrote...

<< Hey guys (and gals...)  I gotta get rid of this stuff...it's clogging up
 everything and I need more space, so I will take the best offers on these
 4000 body parts...2 Decklids, 2 hoods, 2 passenger front doors, 1 driver
 front door, front bumper cover, center grill, passenger headlight, driver
 taillight, full brown cloth interior (quattro), full blue interior (4000S)
 windows and quarter glass, 
 Coupe...Complete car, needs some minor work, but beautiful and low miles,
 rare automatic.  1500$, great parts car if you want to go that way )c: Or
 trade with money for full set of 15 inch speedlines to fit 4000 quattro
I forgot to mention that I am located in Rhode Island.  I could help deliver
parts within a 150 mile radius or so....

Carter Johnson