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Re: Need source for metric stainless steel hardware...

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

I'd like to replace all the nuts, bolts & washers with stainless steel
hardware.  Does anyone know of a good US source for these items?  I'd also
like to replace the "pinch-type" clamps Audi used but I haven't had any luck
finding a source for them, either ... ditto for the funky "hose clamps." 

hey Jeff, 

I've had good luck getting most (but not all) s/s nuts, bolts, washers,
locking nuts, etc. through a fairly well stocked local hardware store 
(they're part of "HWI"), the exception being the 100 mm bolt(s?) for the
starter.  Also readily available are s/s hose clamps at auto parts stores. 
Much better than the oem which shouldn't be re-used anyway.  As for the
pinch type clamps, why not just sub smaller hose clamps?  easier to work
with in the future...


Huw Powell
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