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Re: Clutch Life on an 86 CGT

>>I have the original clutch on the car with about 105k miles.  It has just
>>started to make a little squeaking noise when I engage it.
>>How long should I expect it to last?  Thanks.
>Impossible to say.  It depends on how you drive the car.

Man, is that ever true.  I had mine replaced a little over a year ago in my
'86 4000 and I think it is heading out the door again already!  I drive it
hard, a lot, but one year!!!  How costly is it to get a performance clutch
put in this next time around?

Another question, the distinctive CLUTCH BURNING smell, is there something
else that smells like that or is that definitely my clutch?  I remember the
smell from my first clutch very well and it sure smells identical.  Plus,
it seems to be slipping a minute amount.


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