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Re: Hard accelerating

>I've been having some trouble lately with getting going from a dead stop.
>My 4K seems to bog down for a few seconds from a stop.  It has a new fuel
>filter and the plugs are okay.  What should I check next?  I also notice
>that when I come a stop, the idle drops down to about 800 and then surges up
>to 1000 and remains steady there - this has been happening for a couple of
>days..  When I rev. the engine at a stop, it does not run smoothly until
>about 1500-1700 rpms.  I don't have any performance problems once the car
>gets going.  Any help would be appreciated.

I am sure that everyone has said that it is a vacuum leak by now.  But,
just in case.  Check all your hose over by the fuel injection and the
pressure plate and air filter and throttle body.  Some where over there one
of the hoses is most likely either loose, torn, or has come off and is
resting in place but not making a seal.

Hope that helps.

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