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Re: Modified RS2 article...

>Does anyone have copies of this?  Don't have access to the magazine - that I
>know of, that is.

It runs several pages with several photos that cross the gutter and trying
to photocopy it would be difficult. I would post it to my web page but don't
want to violate the copyright on a current-issue magazine ... I don't mind
this so much when the stuff is older and no one cares any more (re: all the
racing photos on my web page) but as a former journalist, I try to respect
copyrights whenever possible.

Try Eric Waiter Associats at 369 Springfield Avenue, Berkley Heights, NJ
07922 ... I believe they are the U.S. distribubor and they will sell single
issues if you ask nicely.  They also have an (800) number as well as web
address but I don't have either one handy at the moment...

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