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I got it!


Just wanted to follow-up on my Audi adventure. I recently posted that
I was renting a one-way National car to NH (from Annapolis/BWI) to pick-up
an 91 Audi 200TQ from Eurosport in NH. I purchased the car from Ken LaPointe.
They have a very nice shop with excellent customer support. The car is *great*
and I really enjoyed the trip home. We got 27mpg and completed the trek on
one tank of gas. An interesting "customer first" story about Eurosport:

I picked up the car on Friday and drove it back to the hotel. Eurosport is
closed on Saturday. We planned to go skiing on Saturday so we drove to a
friend's house (who owns an 80Q) to pick him up. As we were leaving, the
dashboard light up like a Christmas tree. The battery showed up in the video
display and I yelled a number of expletives as I turned the car around. We
transferred all the skiing stuff over to the 80Q and I left a message on
Eurosport's answering service explaining the problem. I also left the key with
my friend's wife and we took off in the 80Q to the slopes. I returned that
evening to a pleasant surprise. Eurosport had called back during the day and
Ken opened the shop on Saturday. My friend's wife drove it to the shop and
they replaced the alternator. No questions asked! I was impressed and highly
recommend Eurosport to anyone in the Mass/NH/etc area.  (603) 424-5100

Of course the drive home was an absolute pleasure. What a great car! I 
was/am particularly impressed with the "non-sports" car attributes of this
fantastic automobile (in addition of course to all the obvious sports-car
attributes): 21 gallon tank (450 mile range!), 27mpg, big trunk, 
functional/useful trip computer.