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RE: 87 CGT: Cruise Control revisited Arrrrrgh

>>> "Jon W." <jwilliam@ns1.water.net> 04/21/97 01:02pm >>>
> Ummm.. okay, here come some ignorant newbie questions.
Hey, we're all still learning, right?  (I know I am.)  Welcome to the 
wonderful world of Audi electrics!

> Is this brown wire part of the ground?  Will its being connected 
> affect the ground test?
Yep, brown is always ground on these Audi beasts.  Follow that wire 
to it's end.  It should be a common ground point on the body where 
it will meet other brown wires.  Make sure this point is clean and tight.

> The second plastic housing was clipped to the side of the central 
> console.  Will its being "unclipped" while I was testing affect the 
> ground? (My guess is not, as it is encased in plastic, but whadda I 
> know.)
Probably doesn't matter.  If there are no wire connections that require 
it to be clipped on, then you're O.K.

> Assuming that all these things make no difference and it IS the 
> ground that is causing the CC malfunction.  How would I use the 
> multimeter to test the cable's continuity.  
I don't have my 7678 with me, but the manual will explain how to test 
a wire.  Now that I think about it, my manual was incorrect.  I believe it 
said to use the resistance (ohm) setting for continuity tests, but mine 
has the symbol printed on the lowest voltage setting (200 mV?).  The 
symbol should look something like this:   o)))   where the "o" is a solid 
dot and the parentheses get larger as they go out.  I'm working from 
memory here, so all of the above is very likely wrong.  You'll know 
you've got the right setting when the unit beeps when you touch the two 
leads together.  Once you've got the right setting, just touch one lead on 
one end of the wire and the other lead to the opposite end.  If you hear a 
beep, the wire's good.


Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN