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Thanks for the Halons

Greetings qmates!

Thanks to all listers who responded to my posting.

I am glad we can now go back to the more mundane task of making
our Audis better. I will respond to your e-mails as soon as I can.

Thanks again.


Thor Lidasan, M.D. (ex-Navy Corpsman, proud of it!)
Staten Island, NY
In port:
'90 V8q (my personal battleship: dual 4" cone filters upfront, 
             dual 4" tips in rear...why? because 16" would not fit)
'97 Honda Prelude Type SH (my fast frigate: NSX with $70,000 discount)
'88 Mazda MX6 (for milk runs at 6 am, it starts without a fuss)
at sea:
'94 Merc C280 (the tender: currently fending supplies with the admiral)