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Re: alignment on 87 5kcstq

Phil Payne wrote:
> > > -  Vehicle unloaded - tank empty, spare wheel removed
> Yup.

	Yup? Could you elaborate just a little as to why the spare?

> > > Before commencing alignment, read and action appropriate parts of "Running Gear
> > > - Front of Vehicle Disturbances and Steering Wheel Vibrations".
> >
> > Phil, please describe the book(size, illustrations, technicality, makes
> > covered, etc.) and tell the author, so if I'm interested and Barnes &
> > Noble doesn't have it during my next visit, I will know what to order.
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	Alright wise guy, is the book in German only? If so, why did you bother
to translate the title and mislead this innocent gullible sucker over
here? ;-)  Since I frequently have "Front of Vehicle Disturbances and
Steering Wheel Vibrations" and would like your advice on a helpful
manual outside of the Bentley, do you have any recommendations
otherwise? Thanks.