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rs2 bits

picked up the rs2 yesterday.  nice little ceremony as the dealership lined up
and they handed the keys over.  little speach about how lucky i am to own 2
collectable audis blah blah....

bits and pieces about the rs2 for anyone interested...

1) engine performance.  the owners handbook very kindly has a torque and power
curve graph.  to back up my subjective impression about the amount of low-down
grunt, the torque curve makes interesting reading.  1k, 170nm; 2k, 250nm; 2.5k,
400nm, 3k 410nm; 4k, 400nm, 4.8k 400nm; 5k 390nm; 6k 360nm; 7k 300nm.  so,
while not quite the torque of the 20vt at 2k revs, it's pretty close.  by 2,500
revs you're at 400nm and cooking.  thereafter, the torque curve is flat as
until 4,900.  very impressive.  power peaks at 6,600 unlike the 20vt which
peaks at 5,900.  the rs2 engine also seems much more eager to rev, so i'd
suspect that the flywheel has also been lightened (although the s2 20vt and the
ur-q 20vt also seem to be different in this regard; my ur-q has a more eager
throttle response than my old s2).  engine cooling is first class; temperature
is rock solid.

2)engine details.  9.3:1 compression, cylinder selective knock control (2
sensors) electronic boost pressure control. motronic fuel injection. charge air
cooling.  immobliser (transponder in key).  i'll try and get some details about
the intercooler design wheni get a chance to crawl over the car this week-end.

2) brakes are ventilated front and rear.  porsche system.  dual circuit; 4
pistons per disc, fixed callipers, brake cooling (duct). not sure about disc
sizes.  wheels are porsche 7jx17 with dunlop sp8000 245/40/17's zr tyres.

3) gearbox - 6 speeds with 1, 3.50; 2, 1.889; 3, 1.320; 4, 1.034; 5, 0.857; 6,
0.711; final drive 4.111:1

4) vin is interesting; waczzz8czsz000900; does this make sense to anyone?
engine code is aud0003034.

5) computer; if anyone is interested tell me how, and i'll post computer

6) lights; ellipsoid headlights, halogen fog lights.  electrical beam

7) other; oil is mobil 1. acceptable consumption is 1 litre/1000km.  plugs
replaced after 3 years; 60kms.  cam belt after 80kms.  routine service yearly
or 20kms.

driving impressions vs my 20v ur-quattro will follow this weekend...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q