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I shouldn't have tempted the Audi Gods (long)

Hi all,

My previous post entitled "82 100 2.2i final problems" seemed to be too much
for the Audi Gods to resist.  They have once again attacked my Fuel
Injection system.

Now, some guy mentioned Tripple carbs on a BMW 5 series.  Can a similar
modification be made to the Audi 5-cyl?  I have just about had enough of
Bosch K-Jetronic.  I just want a car that will run properly most of the
time... is this too much to ask of an Audi?

The warm up problems are creeping back...  I've had two days where the car
started perfectly and ran from cold without popping and hessitation, just
the slight slugishness you'd expect from an engine on the equivalent of
choke.  The past few days, it has started to take longer to warm up into a
driveable state.  I guess the warm up regulator is going again.  I did
notice lots of brown dirt in the system.  Maybe this is killing everything?
Car seems to run perfectly at 60-90Mph, but is sluggish below 3000rpm until
it has been caned a bit.

I've checked the unions on the warm up regulator, and there was a small
build up of this brown dirt, so I cleaned this out.  This seemed to make
things worse.  I'm going to get the pressures to and from this checked out.
What should I look for.

I took my two spare fuel distributors apart today,  They were pretty easy to
free up; after the plungers had a good wipe, all seemed to work ok (not
tested on car yet).  The last one that was on the car had lots of brown rust
like meterial in three of the top injector chambers.  I wonder where this
came from, as the metal that makes up the distributor is corrosion free.  

The original fuel dist. seemed to be in perfect condition inside, but I had
to free the plunger, once this was done, I wiped this over too, and all
seems ok.  strange thing is that the original distributor was Bosch part 0
438 100 053, and the latest to be removed was 0 438 100 125 (i didn't fit
this).  The 125's plunger is spring loaded, and has a leaf to stop the
plunger dropping out.  Is this a later version of the same, or is it for a
different system... it seemed to work fine for a while, and looks the same
inside, apart from the spring bit.

The fuel distributor seems ludicrously expensive in new or reconditioned
form, considering the simplicity of the internals.  Looked like a load of
springs and washers with a bit of metal sheet to me, worth about $75 /
50ukp, plus 600 quid 'cause it's german.

Whilst in the "let's take it apart" mood, I decided to disassemble the old
warm up regulator.  I couldn't get in the the vacum side of the regulator,
but the electrical centre was accessible.  I also managed to get into the
first bit of the fuel control valve.  This too had brown slime in it, but
not much, probably due to the mini filter mounted on the in pipe.  I cleaned
this out, and reassembled.  I'm a bit worried that the seals may not be
reusable, but they seemed pretty supple.  I may test this when I get a chance.

Thanks for listening!  More of the great advice I get from this list will,
as always, be greatly appreciated.  Cheers,

82 Audi 100 5E 2144cc inj (144k - and far from perfect)
84 Mitsubishi Galant Turbo (96k and rusty will be getting some TLC over summer)
80 Rover 2600S SDI(46k head not fixed yet, the Audi's taking up all my time!)

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