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Re: New Audi fan wants advise on 4000

At 07:54 PM 4/21/97 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I just got on this list a few days ago after I decided to purchase an '85
>4000 with 132k on the clock.  An audi race tuner friend of mine talked me
>into it, and is doing the necessary work on it to make it perfect.  Now I'm
>thinking about mods.  He suggested exhaust, an ignition he's been working
>on, and extrude-honing the pipes as reasonable mods for a street car daily
>driver.  I just wanted to ask if anyone else had good results with some
>reasonbly sane mods for this car, either handling, comfort or power.
>Any 4k related stuff would be welcome.  I don't really know that much about
>these cars.
>Peter Hamilton				"the amount of time needed to prepare
>500 College Ave				 for a race is exactly equal to the
>Swarthmore, PA 19081			 amount of time to the race plus one
>phamilt1@swarthmore.edu			 month"

Pete......If I were going to race it, anywhere, at speeds above the posted
limit or on a track, I would want to be able to STOP as well as physically
possible, and CRASH as safely as physically possible. And I would arrange
for lessons in speed driving/rally driving/track driving from a certified
qualified educated experienced surviving senior instructor.

This is because I would want to survive the racing experience, which does
sometimes result in out-of-control situations which can be recovered from
to some degree by trained driver using the best skills and brakes and tires
and suspensions available, and ...if not.... then the resulting crash can
involve the best driver restraints and roll cage available.

Since I have standard brakes and conventional street legal restraints, and
no racing instruction or training, and am only normally gifted with driving
reflexes, I stay within the posted street limits and I don't alter the
factory specs of my car.

It already goes faster than I feel safe, due to the road conditions and
other drivers.

You didn't say if you had a quattro or not. The other listers who do race
and modify their cars would probably want that information.

I would expect you to consider my opinions on this matter to be somewhat
conservative, because I view them that way also. And I am still alive. I
formed these opinions after several very foolish and amazingly lucky
escapes from crashes that should have killed me and a few other people.
Like rolling over at 90 mph. Or crashing into the rear end of a whole
string of cars and having to deal with 18 insurance claims from the
passengers. My opinion is based on my experiences. That is not a good way
to become a conservative driver.

86 4kcsq