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Re: alignment on 87 5kcstq

From: Mark Trank <mtrank%acva@mail.co.albemarle.va.us>

>As part of the post-purchase regimen, I had an alignment performed on my
>87 5k after 4 new tires were installed.  As a result, the car has been
>experiencing a noticeable pull to the right.  Shop says the alignment is
>correct, that "its in the tires."  Wait a minute, said I, the tires are
>new and that explanation doesn't make any sense to me.

Couple of possibilities here.

1. Roads have camber to get rid of rain water.  In the UK all cars 
experience a slight pull to the left (we drive on the left).  In the US you 
will experience a slight pull to the right.  Find a quiet straight road 
somewhere and try driving on the wrong side of the road (if you have a head 
on collision, don't blame me!).  Does your pull change to the left - if not 
then the car has a problem.

2. Tracking not right despite what shop says.  Get it checked at another 
shop (many ofer free checks).  If it keeps checking out OK, then you have a 
bent suspension component or chassis - bring it to a good body shop and get 
them to make some measurements.

>Q:  Are there any special procedures to be followed when aligning a
>quattro?  The tires I replaced had noticeable wear on the inside

The rear toe is critical to handling and tyre wear.  Also, it is pointles 
carrying out an alignment if your suspnesion components (especially 
 wishbone (a-arm) bushes) are worn.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant

p.s. I had a VW Jetta that hit a kerb.  This bent the front suspension which 
I replaced and also bent the rear beam/trailing arm which was not so obvious 
so I did not replace it.  I got the wheels aligned in a reputable VW 
specialist shop.  They adjusted the camber/toe of the front wheels and never 
bothered to check the rear.  After this, the car crabbed very badly.  When I 
sighted along one of the rear wheels it was about 5 degrees out!  I replaced 
the rear beam/trailing arm and everything was fine again.