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I shouldn't have tempted the Audi Gods (long)

In message <Pine.SUN.3.90.970422083740.29611D-100000@mamie.snet.com> "Bob D'Amato" writes:

> My fuel distributor on my CIS-E was diagnosed as "bad" and they said I
> needed a new one. I dont remember the price, but it was high enough for
> me to try it myself. I took it apart, cleaned it, fixed a spring, and put
> it back together. That was over 200K ago. No problems at all. There is no
> magic to it, and the metal seals would be tough to screw up.  Anybody
> could probably do it no prob.

Well done and good luck to you.  It's true, though - BR Motorsport and
the other quattro specialists in the UK won't touch the job.

The reconditioning kit, which includes a set of shims for the pressure
control valve and various O-rings and washers, is very cheap - around
GBP27 ($40) even from Audi dealers.

I discovered last week that many Bosch parts are around 50% cheaper if
you buy then from a Bosch source rather than an Audi source.  50% of
the price of a new metering head is still a big number, though.

 Phil Payne

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