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re: 94 90csq Wiring: rear speakers

hi Siegfried,

I'll describe my experience with the stereo system in my '93 90csq, and hope 
that it is the same system as yours. The six-speaker stereo system with 
amplified woofers in the rear doors is not the Bose system.

I had a Sony head unit installed. The installer rewired the rear woofers, 
bypassing their amplifiers, because the Sony put out enough power (35W peak 
x4) to drive them. I *think* the stock head unit puts out 4 or 8W peak, and 
therefore the rear amplifiers were necessary. The installer routed the rear 
speaker wires along the left&right side of the interior. There are now just 
two wires going to each rear door, just as if there had never been any amps 
back there. I haven't peeked behind the rear door panel to see just how they 
split the signal for the tweeters.

I had the privilege of installing another head unit myself a year after the 
installer put in the first one, because someone in my neighborhood really 
liked the one I had and just couldn't live w/o it! ;) It was cake because the 
rear speakers had already been rewired.

Before the rear speakers were rewired, I also had trouble with them cutting 
out, usually right after a bump. Like yours, a quick rap got them back on. 
The dealer attempted to fix this by replacing the speakers, but it didn't 


'93 90csq
Laurel, MD