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'87 5KCSTQ Electrical Gremlins

As some of you may recall, I have been having a few minor problems with
the electrical system in the Q, specifically, the alternator seemed to

	I pulled the alternator, cleaned all the contacts, and re-installed
it.  Everything seemed fine, all the warning lights went off, and I was
getting 13.5V according to channel 11 at idle.  GREAT!

	The car sat for a few days (prime motorcycle weather FINALLY arrived in
the NE).  When I went to start it, it almost didn't start, the starter
motor was very slow.  Got the battery tested, dead cell.  So I replaced
the battery.

	On the way home (in the rain), I noticed the Parking brak and battery
warning lights were on, ever so faintly.  The higher the rpm, the
brighter the lights.  At idel, you can barely see them, but at 5K rmp,
they are pretty bright.  Channel 11 still shown 13.5V @ idle.

	Anyone have any ideas?  Is the alternator toast, or is it something
else I am missing?

Paul Luevano						'97 CBR 1100XX
prl@ptc.com						'94 CBR 600F2
Waltham, MA USA						'87 5KCSTQ
________"Man's purpose is to live, not to exist."-Jack London_________