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re: AoA saves me $300

Lucky Steven Buchholz writes:

<< I just thought I'd quickly post this one ... I bought a 1987 Audi
out of state but was originally a California car.  Unfortunately the CA 
emission sticker was no longer on the car so I was faced with the
of increasing the cost of the car by the $300 smog tax.  I went to
and they told me that if I filled out a form Audi might just respond,
they weren't really encouraging.  I got a call from Carlsen today, my
are now in!  The tags must be installed by a dealer to ensure that they
installed on the correct VIN car.>>

How did you know it was originally a CA car?  I have a theory that all
Audi's of this vintage are really CA cars, but only the ones sold in CA 
got the stickers.  My '88 90Q from the east coast has the CA ignition
and FI
computers.  It also runs well below the CA emmission levels.

I never thought of trying to get AoA to send me the stickers.
Oh well...


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