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Re: Old Audi's

> Would the car you mentioned be the NSU Ro80, it was wankel powered if i
> remember correctly. One of those might indeed be worth fixing. Have to check
> the value to be sure before opening the great dark hole that swallows money,
> however.
yes, the Ro80 was Wankel powered, NSU had another rotary offering as well.

... although I'd probably not pass up the opportunity to pick up an Ro80
for the right price, it was a product of the '60s.  The original requester,
[who was not on the q-list] was talking about 50's vintage cars.  The car I
was referring to is the Auto Union AU1000SP ... if you aren't familiar with
the car and yet like the styling of the first Ford Thunderbird, you'd prob-
ably like this one too.  

Interestingly enough I also looked at my book that discusses the collect-
ability of certain cars ... and the Ro80 was on this list.  My recollection 
of the comments was that it was a good car as long as the engine was in 
good shape, except that the rotor tips tended to wear.  I think it said 
that the car was actually a good quality tourer, but to watch for rust.  
(... perhaps Graydon can tell us if it is possible to adapt the 13B to one 
of these cars :).  No Auto Unions or DKWs were listed in this book, but it 
did note the Audi Coupe GT, Quattro Turbo Coupe, late mdel 5000/100/200 
quattro and V8Quattro.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
... with the beginnings of an Audi museum at home ... :)