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13.5" brakes on a 5K

Greetings fellow listers!

There has been a lot of posting about 13" brakes on a 5K. Yes, it has been
done but be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort. It might also burn
a hole in your pocket.

Which begs the question: Do you have enough horses to stop? Say, 300?
If not, then start harnessing that horses first.

Now, if do have that much power on your 5K, then read on:

a) You have to think first of your fenders. Either you roll them, which is
thread by itself because on 5Ks the fenders are double sided. But like I
you do have to have that space available. Or if you have the money, get the
and rear fenders of a V8, slap it on, and smile at how your 5K looks.

b) Now that you have the fenders, move on to the wheels. You need at the
minimum a 17" wheels with enough clearance for your red or blue calipers.
is crucial because apparently only DTM/spider web style wheels can
you 13" rotors and 4 pot calipers. You have make phone calls to the right
manufacturers to get the information about the clearances. One company I will
suggest is Koenig wheels. They are not that expensive and they are TUV
if you want 140MPH blasts and want to stop in a hearbeat.

c) You now have the fenders that fit the wheels that fit the 13" brakes. Then
calling brake manufacturers about 13.5" rotors.

d) I cannot tell you how to install them because I do not know how. However,
you have done the above, 95% of the frustation is over. And if you have
installing the rotors, think how silly your 5K looks with its massive
fenders, big
tires, and teeny-weenie rotors. Besides, installing them is nothing compared
to how hard it was rolling those fenders equally on all four sides.

Good luck!


Thor Lidasan, M.D.
Staten Island, NY

'90 V8q ( 2-Stage nitrous or Twin-turbo....2-Stage nitrous or Twin-turbo?
             "Why? Because the mountain is meant to be driven at 100MPH"