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RE: Coupe Q, whose? (fwd)

That would be mine. It's at Patsy's getting a collision repair fixed.
No, that's not redundant. The collision repair shop did a passable to
nice job fixing the body work, but the front wheels are not centered
left to right WRT the fenders, so the right one rubs. Hopefully they can
do a better job than the previous shop did. After all, *I* have *Chris
Semple* watching over it. Hopefully I'll get it back faster this time,
last time I was the proud driver of a rental droF Detour for 41 days.
This time it's a Geo Prizm. Lessee, Prizm, isn't that a triangular cross
section *block*? That's my rental!
-Ian Duff.
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>Hey all, 
>	Is the owner of a 90-91 coupe Q, Mass. plate number 285 GEE on 
>the list?  The car is real nice.  I saw it today at Patsy's autobody in 
>Concord, NH.  It had quite nice five spoke wheels with D40 M2 tires, and 
>had had the airbag wheel replaced with a three spoke momo wheel.  So, 
>whose is it?
>	Andrew