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Re: Engine codes and swaps (UK 2144cc)

Dave sed;
>as i understand it though, the rr 20v turbo is the same block as the mb but has
>the 4 valve head design vw researched for the 1.8.  as i understand it it *is*
>exactly the same head as used on the sport (in terms of valve angles,
>dimensions etc), with the exception of different cams...

If Dave is right, what else (beside cams, turbo & intercooler) needs to be
done to the RR motor to yield the 300hp @ 1 bar like the sport? I know that
plenty of people can achieve the 300hp, but not @ 1bar.  1 bar leaves
plenty of room for further gains.

John Firkins
Ur-q, gutted & off to the bodyshop next week,