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Re: my 85 urQ(exhaust)

Raudi83TQ@aol.com wrote:
> I am using an Ansa system on my 83urq. Got it from GPR. I had no problem
> putting it on. Cost was about $450 cat back. Three years of use on it now
> with no problems. It is not SS, however, so it will not last forever.
> 83urq

	I'm AMAZED it lasted 3 months, don't believe it has lasted 3 years, and
will work as an Ansa spokesman for free if it lasts even half of
forever! ;-) I went through 3 Ansa mufflers(under warranty) in under a
year! All 3 broke up inside very quickly, so quite obviously I do not
recommend them. I switched to Leistritz, which is not much better, but
it is better and still intact.