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4KSQ Wheels

Ben Howell said:
>The one thing that I have noticed and I don't know if it's fact or not,
>but ALL the 85's (a.k.a "S"'s) I have seen do not have lug covers on
>the stock "floor drain" wheels, but the 86 and 87's (a.k.a. "CS"'s) did. I
>guess that could be called a change.

As near as I can tell, the lug covers were a mid-'85 change.  My 6/85
build 4KSQ has the covers.  I've seen plenty of '85s both ways.  

A while back another lister told me that his dealer received a large
shipment of lug covers circa February '85 and offered them free to any
4KSQ owner who wanted them.  The '85 U.S. sales catalog (published
late in '84) shows the covers  So do the '86 and '87 catalogs.  The '84
catalog does not.

The '85 catalog lists the model as 4KSQ.  The '86 and '87 catalogs are
for 4KCSQs.  For the U.S. market, I don't think the "CS" reflects much
of a change over the plain old "S."   But what about Qs sold, say, in
Canada, where model specs and options may have differed?  And 4K

Stone Mountain, GA
'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28