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Re: That damn dipstick...

I'm sorry, in my apparent rage, I have mislead you. The reason why I cannot
get a good reading is due to the portion of the dipstick that that is
supposed to show the oil level... it's black. A little black plastic
rectangular "plug" (can't think of a better word) with two little
indentations on the side doesn't exactly lend itself to easy reading when
the liquid being measured is also a dark color. I don't know, maybe it's my
colorblindness, but God help me if I ever have to check this thing in
anything other than 1 million candle watt light! 

Sean Ford
Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Newton, MA  02162 (USA)
'92 Audi 100CS 5spd  19K miles (and counting)
'89 Suzuki Katana 600 14K miles (out and about, and running strong)

> From: Steven Buchholz <steveb@falcon.kla.com>
> To: sean@nwh.org
> Subject: Re: That damn dipstick...
> Date: Wednesday, April 23, 1997 11:52 AM
> > I'd like to formally post an Audi complaint. I hate my oil dipstick. Is
> > this an "across the board" Audi piece of equipment, or did they save it
> > the 100/A6 crowd only? Has anyone come up with an answer to this
> > thing? I can't tell if my oil is low, high, or somewhere in between!
> > 
> ... must be a new invention with the V6 ... I have never had a problem 
> interpreting the oil level on the dipstick.  Have you consulted the 
> Owner's Manual?  I suppose the problem may actually be that there is 
> a source of oil draining over the dipstick after the engine is shut off
> which causes you not to be able to get a reading on the dipstick.  Is 
> this only a problem after you turn the engine off or is it still dif-
> ficult to read after the engine has been sitting for a while?
> Steve Buchholz
> s_buchho@kla.com
> San Jose, CA (USA)