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HELLO! {was: Re: Rule games}

> In message <> Robert Myers writes:
> > Is anyone else getting this stuff?
> Every poster to the list gets one for every post.  "GCIRILLO" seems to want to
> be mailbombed.  From the message id, his provider is "inetone.net".
... NO, I think that's Bob's provider!  ... and it seems to me that the 
guy is on the digest, so that it is only when he gets a digest that the 
mail gets sent.  It probably would have been more insidious if he was on 
the regular list.  

Sometimes I still have to wonder about this list!  Why is it that people 
get so easily enraged when this sort of thing happens?  Why is it that 
everybody feels they have to post something about it back to the list ...
thereby compounding the problem?  People ... THINK!  The thing to do when
you notice this sort of occurrence is to send a reply to the poster via 
direct e-mail ... FYI I have already done this.  If that doesn't work, 
send a direct e-mail to Dan S (yes, I think he's on vacation).  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)