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Re: How to get 300bhp at 1.0bar

On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Mann Law wrote:

> 	Brother firkins asks: ...besides cam, turbo and intercooler [what 
> needs to be done] to get 300hp @ 1.0bar...
> 	Much larger turbo---something on the order of a turbo from a 
> 930.  k27++.  Obviously, you need to match the intercooler to the turbo, 
> and have a cam reground.  You also will [*if* you can reach 300bhp @ 
> 1.0bar with the I5] need mucho flow with header / exhaust; reconfigured 
> fuel delivery; and, the engine will be bored and stroked. Head work is 
> necessary as well.  
> 	300bhp @ 1.0bar is very difficult and expensive on the I5.  On 
> the Porsche 6 you can get very high hp numbers at 1.0, but even that 
> requires a huge turbo / intercooler and stretching the motor's insides.
> 	This is where we need to focus, I believe.  At 1.0, compression 
> can be much higher [in fact will be much higher] without the scares that 
> we should now all have at 1.8+.  

	Are we talking about 1.0 bar absolute or gauge?  I don't see the 
point talking about 1.0bar absolute, since the engine only makes 40 - 60 
hp probably, but I don't see that too much more work is needed to get to 
300 hp at 15psi of boost pressure (1.0bar gauge.)

	I am guessing realistically, that my I-5 makes on the order of 
250 "real" hp (not IA hp or TAp hp - in TAP/IA hp, I'm probably at 300+) 
with the stock turbo, and just the exhaust and efi.   I think a bigger 
turbo would get me to 300 honest hp at 15psi of boost.

	BTW, "TAP/IA hp" is not so much a dig at these two guys (I respect
them both) as it is to the entire aftermarket industry, where ridiculous,
overinflated hp claims are quite commonplace.  You have to define what
"kind" of hp you are talking about nowadays :-) Now, those big beer-keg
hauling hp from Germany - those are some seriously huge hps.  I probably
don't have more than a hundred or so of those!  :-)

Graydon D. Stuckey 
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