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Re: Spark plugs

In a message dated 97-04-23 15:14:45 EDT, you write:

<< I don't want to step on Ned's copyright, so I won't retype it
 here for you, but in essence:
 The Bosch WR7DP platinum spark plugs just do not work in the
 turbo application...I recommend...W7DTC or NGK BP6ET.
 Please note that he was SPECIFICALLY talking about turbos, so YMMV.
A few of us had this discussion with Ned at Steamboat.  Those of us "in the
know," who he referred to in his Tech tip, all agreed that Ned should post
this, though he was indicating a desire to ask the Bosch boys as well, tho
their collective confusion seems odd.  The problem as I have seen it in
several stage II cars, is that there is a tendency for the spark to blow out
and/or the thin ceramic coating of the electrode to crack allowing the spark
to travel down the side of the electrode instead of the top.  The Jacobs
ignition problem referenced was how I met Mr. Carl Jerritts 3 years ago, Ned
asked me to talk to Carl, since he was convinced Ned's computer mod was at
fault.  Carl had put a Jacobs in his car, before we went more than 4
questions, I indicated that he should take it out and put back the stock.
 That did the trick.  Not getting too nerdy, the firing of the Jacobs unit
depended on the accuracy of the plug resistance.  I varied according to 15
different gaps, a rather major problem.  Hence the warning.  

BTW, I got word that Bosch is testing a plug configuration on a few turbo
cars that is to be a 100k part.  Interesting design.  Time will tell.  One
set installed at Grattan, I hope to take a peak while there this weekend.