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Re: How to get 300bhp at 1.0bar

A rather interesting theory.  Not sure you need to look much further than
your neighborhood Sport q.  Air density is the key, though making the MC
motor have better volumetric efficiency can be a rather large and expensive
chore.  Turbo CFM really isn't a problem, density is, 300hp doesn't need a
k27 turbo either, a k26 based can do it easily.  To use a k27 a serious
increase in displacement (and/or exhaust velocity) needs to occur to keep the
yugos at bay below 4000rpm.   I like this line of thinking.  Graydon is
correct that fuel will become a major issue, esp on the MC/WX fuel
distributors.  For math purposes, the MC motor is usually referenced to put
out 110HP at 0 Vacuum.