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Re: 13.5" brakes on a 5K

On Tue, 22 Apr 1997 18:36:03 -0400 (EDT), Thor Lidasan wrote:
> [ ... ]
> a) You have to think first of your fenders. [ ... ]
> [ ... ]
> b) Now that you have the fenders, move on to the wheels. [ ... ]
> [ ... ]
> c) You now have the fenders that fit the wheels that fit the 13" brakes.
> Then start calling brake manufacturers about 13.5" rotors.
> d) I cannot tell you how to install them because I do not know how. However,
> if you have done the above, 95% of the frustation is over. [ ... ]

I agree that these are the basic steps. I would suggest that it could
be helpful when picking out wheels if you already knew the
caliper dimensions. There are probably more wheel choices than
caliper choices. Of course the wheel with the most interior
clearance would be the most versatile.

> [ ... ]    think how silly your 5K looks with its massive
> fenders, big tires, and teeny-weenie rotors.

Nothing cracks me up more than the typical european car
magazine hot rod story where the VW GTI has massive
18" wheels running rubber band tires with these teeny
weeny, tea cup saucer rotors meekly peeking through the

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