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Re: Engine codes and swaps (UK 2144cc)

At 09:58 AM 4/23/97 +0012, Dave Eaton wrote:
>as i understand it though, the rr 20v turbo is the same block as the mb but has
>the 4 valve head design vw researched for the 1.8.  as i understand it it *is*
>exactly the same head as used on the sport (in terms of valve angles,
>dimensions etc), with the exception of different cams...

assuming the RR is the same as the 3B found in the US, there is one other
significant difference between the "current" 20v design and the earlier
sport:  the sport used a chain to drive the camshafts instead of a (fragile)
belt).  shouldn't make any difference to the issue of 300hp from the sport
vs 217/220 from the RR/3B.  

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