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RE: Audio on 4kCSQ (low Audi content)

take into account that doubling your amplifier power only gives you a 3dB increase in SPL...
96 A4q

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Sent: 	Wednesday, April 23, 1997 11:40 AM
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Subject: 	Audio on 4kCSQ (low Audi content)

I own an 87 Audi 4000 CS Quattro and am trying to install the following 
components -
1) CDX-P2000 12-Disc Multi-CD Player
2) KEH-P8450 High Power Cassette/Receiver with Multi CD Player Control
3) TS-A6986 6"x9" 4-Way Speaker

The HeadUnit has 4x35 W output peak and 15x4W RMS. The current Denon in
my Audi is connected to factory front speakers (which are extremly
difficult to replace from what i have heard) and 5 1/4" rear speakers
(which are crap). The headunit has FIE (front image enhancer) which can
send the bass to the rear and high and mid range to the front. So I am
thinking of connecting the front speakers directly to the HeadUnit. So
far everything is fine, but now I get to my question.

1) Do I need an amplifier for my speakers. They are 4-way and take upto 
250W MAX. I am thinking an amplifier with 2X50W RMS might be good. 
However, I might be able to get a 2X35W RMS cheaper. Would that work 
better. What kind of power would i be getting to my speaker in both
cases. I think even 35W would be adequate. Any suggestions.

2) The Audi accepts 5 1/4" speakers. To put 6X9's I will have to either 
cut the sheet meatl (blasphemy!) or get those plywood cases ($30/pair 
from BestBuy) for my 6X9's and stuff them in the back at an angle of 60 
degrees or so. How would that effect the sound? Any ideas? I am willing
to work with it, but it does seem a bit juvenile.
My last option is to not buy an amplifier and buy good 5 1/4" speakers 
(suggestions accepted) install them into the Audi. I can always sell my 

Any suggestions would be gladly accepted. 

Saqib Mausoof