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Re: YES,Audi A4 4.2 Possible

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997 Kwattro@aol.com wrote:

> Not that this means anything, but the V8 fits in the 4000 engine bay without
> too many "major" mods.  So perhaps the V8 could find it's way into an A4,

the 4000 has more engine space than the A4.. remember that the 5
banger fits in the 4K but not the A4.  

> with the right amount of money, anything is possible

yes, i should know better than to speak in absolute terms...(been away
from this place for too long) IMO it's an impractical proposition for
a reasonable person... how about that for a CYA statement?  :)

it just occurred to me that there would probably be safety concerns
even if you do succeed in cramming everything in.. how would the v8
engined A4 behave in a frontal collision?

sorry if this went on longer than intended.  i'd hate to be the cause
of a long winded and pointless thread.