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Re: More on Torsen center diffs... -Repl

> Jeff, et al,  perhaps mistakenly I thought the Torsen differential on the
> 200 series was at the rear only.

Nope, only the V8 got a Torsen rear diff ... the 200q has a Torsen center
diff and a lockable rear diff.

> Seems to me that a center differential that could essentially shift the
> car from FWD to RWD and back at a rapid rate would remove a lot of
> predictibility from the equation.

This has been EXACTLY my experience with the Torsen when driven on pavement
and the reason why I was so surprised by the way the car handled.  I really
need to investigate this further ... I think I'll take the Ur-Q up there to
see how the open v. locked center diff compare.

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