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Re: 13.5" brakes on a 5K

> Just curious: you mentioned 215/45-17 BFG Comp TAs earlier, but
> what offset? And Graydon mentioned 225/50-16 + "1.5deg of neg
> camber" but perhaps he could tell us his offset and ride height too.
> I think if we got enough complete information in one place, we
> would get a clear picture of the no-bodywork options.

Front offset is 33mm and rear offset is 45mm; I am using the OEM alignment
settings and stock ride height.  I've also tried this fitment on a FWD 200
and it fit perfectly as well.

> The rotors are not usually the problem, it's the calipers. Did you check
> this out as carefully?

Yes, and there's plenty of clearance with the MO wheels for a 13" rotor and
944T calipers.

> And regarding an earlier point, your research seems to bear out my
> contention that 5k/pre 91 200 owners are basically forced to go real big
> on wheel diameter when considering large rotors unless they are willing to
> torture the sheet metal.

The general rule of thumb is that the largest rotor you can stuff under the
wheels of a street car is 3-4" smaller than the wheel diameter ... with 15"
OEM wheels, you're looking at 11-12" rotors.

I don't understand why a larger diamter wheel requires torturing sheet metal
... wider, perhaps; screwy offsets, definitely, but larger diameter?

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