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Re: 200q Radio replacement done

Osman Parvez <SOP8920@Siena.edu> wrote:

>(3) The Audi didn't have a switched 12v wire in the harness. I wired it to the
>constant lead, as per recommendation, and now have a radio that always stays
>mostly illuminated. I'm gonna have to run one from the fuse box. If
>anybody can
>help here.. I'd really appreciate it.

Hmmm... doesn't your stereo have a detachable face plate? Mine does, and
therefore I don't care if the illumination's on all the time. I prefer my
stereo to keep playing whenever I'm waiting for someone in a parking lot,
with the engine/ignition off. If you specifically don't want that, I'd look
for some piece of equipment in your car that _doesn't_ work with the
ignition off, like the cigarette lighter in some cars, and take the power
from there. This only works if you have a low-powered stereo, because the
wiring may not be able to handle higher loads.

The alternative is getting your workshop manual out and trying to make
sense of the wiring spaghetti at the ignition switch...



 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
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