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Suspension Bushings '87 5KTq

Dear Fellow Listers,
     Last night I drove into NYC, and while I was driveing down the LIE I
relized that my trusty 5KTQ needs some work in the suspention area.  The car
just feels very loose.  Back in November I changed both front Tie-Rod ends
which seemed to help quite abit but I think bushings could be the culprit of
the loosness and pounding going over bumps.  Does anybody have any
recomendations as to what bushings should be done first and part #'s.  Also I
replaced the shocks some 23K miles ago with red Koni's.  I set them at 3/4's
firm but they seem to be fading, this seems like a very short time for a set
of shocks to last, does anybody have any ideas on this.

Thanks as always,
'87 5KTq (IA Stage II, Fuchs Wheels, Euro Lights)
'84 UR-q (TAP BOX, 8"Wheels, Big Exhaust)