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Re: 200q Radio replacement done

Osman Parvez <SOP8920@Siena.edu> wrote:

>(3) The Audi didn't have a switched 12v wire in the harness. I wired it to the
>constant lead, as per recommendation, and now have a radio that always stays
>mostly illuminated. I'm gonna have to run one from the fuse box. If
>anybody can
>help here.. I'd really appreciate it.

Our friend Tom wrote:
>>Hmmm... doesn't your stereo have a detachable face plate? Mine does, and
>>therefore I don't care if the illumination's on all the time. I prefer my
>>stereo to keep playing whenever I'm waiting for someone in a parking lot,
>>with the engine/ignition off. If you specifically don't want that, I'd look
>>for some piece of equipment in your car that _doesn't_ work with the
>>ignition off, like the cigarette lighter in some cars, and take the power
>>from there. This only works if you have a low-powered stereo, because the
>>wiring may not be able to handle higher loads.

>>The alternative is getting your workshop manual out and trying to make
>>sense of the wiring spaghetti at the ignition switch...



Hi Tom,
       It does have a detachable face-plate. I have been (since yesterday) and
will continue to remove the face-place when I leave the car, since that is what
it is designed for. However, since I am often in areas of extremely low-crime,
where it may be more convienent to just leave the face-plate in there. 
Therefore, the most convienent option would be to have a switched ignition 
lead to the receiver. 
        Driving around last night I realized that I have another problem. The
wiring harness and diagrams I got with the receiver didn't give me a lead for
the dimmer switch. I simply taped off the dimmer lead from the receiver. At
night time, the stereo is extremely bright. I'd like this to be resolved if
        Does anybody know if there is a dimmer switch lead in the OEM wiring
harness? There were many wires which were left unconnected and I'm fairly
certain that one of them should be a dimmer. I know that many of them are
probably the OEM connection to the lCD dashboard display. Is there a simple way
to test them to find the dimmer switch. I have access to a volt-meter and could
play around, but don't want to damage anything. 
        I can live with having to detach the face-plate all the time, but I'm
not sure if I can live with my car looking like something out of science
fiction at night. IT sounds great though.. :)
        Tom, did I read that you are coming over for the Mt. Washington and
Pike's Peak events? How are you arranging transportation? Let me know if I can
be of assistance. 

                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q (158K miles)
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY