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Re: Spark Plugs...NOW:Splitfires

Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:
> But I'm scared of Splitfires...is this the proverbial "Free Lunch?"
> Reminds me of a little known Economic term from my college days:
> TANSTAAFL (pronounced: Tahns-stahf-l)
> There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.......anyone care to comment?
> Royal
My experience and my mechanics experience with Splitfires is that they
work great for about 2000 miles, give you increased gas mileage and
performance, but after and around 2000 miles they do about as well and
then start to get worse than the Bosch Supers that I have in my Coupe. 
The Bosch's seem to stay consistant compared to the Splitfires and are
less money and will last me 15K or more.

Rick H. Louie
1984 Coupe GT - Zermatt Silver, Chocolate Brown Leatherette, 125K