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Carlisle Import Auto Show (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

WHAT: Carlisle Import & Replicar Nationals- including show field for import
cars and replica/kit cars, car corral for import and replica/kit cars,
swapmeet, autocross, tech sessions and compact car power jam (whatever that
is). Sunday 4PM is a giveaway for all present of an Alfa Romeo Spyder with
like 30K miles on it. 

WHEN: May 9-11

WHERE: Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This is 2 hours from Philly and 2 hours from
DC. It is right near the Carlisle exit on the PA turnpike. It is at the
Carlisle Fairgrounds.

HOW MUCH: It's either $5 a day per person or $5 for the weekend for 2
people and to show your car, so obviously it is cheaper to show your car
and you get a better parking place to boot. You can register on arrival for

	The last year I went the British and Japanese cars had a strong show
showing and we want to change that. The Corrado Club of America will be
there with their own tent and we'd love to see alot of other VWs and Audis
and Porsches there as well. If you can pass this message on to the other
lists. The Corrado list is already aware, but I do not have info for the
Porsche or Scirocco lists.
	Also the CCA is giving away a trunk orgainizer for anyone registering
their car in the CCA name so when you sign in to show your car mention an
affiliation with the Corrado Club of America and you will be able to take
part in the giveaway of the trunk organizer, and stop in and say hello at
the tent. The giveaway will probably be on Sunday afternoon in the CCA tent
around 3PM an hour before the Alfa Romeo giveaway. Any present person with
car registered with CCA affiliation, or CCA member is eligible to win.
We'll simply put pieces of paper with names into a hat and pick.
	The organizer contains the following:
1 Igloo Packmaster (plastic container the size of a portable filing
1 First Aid Kit (fits stock location in a Corrado)
1 Emergency Tow Strap
1 Flashlight (no Batteries included)
1 Box of Heavy Duty Paper Towels
1 Adjustable Bungee Strap
1 Roll Electrical Tape
1 Utility Knife
1 6 in 1 Screwdriver
2 Rubber Straps
1 Lock w/ Key
1 Tire Pressure Guage
1 Web Keychain 
AND possibly other stuff

Hope to see you there. Also the CCA will be convoying for the DC area (at
this point 2 or 3 VWs) at around 3PM on the 9th so if you want to get in on
the convoy email me at 
and I will set up a place for all of us to meet up.
Later-George Achorn
	DC CCA Regional Coordinator
For more info call the Carlisle Fairgrounds at (717)243-7964
They can help you with lodging (camping facilities are free) or hotels, and