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Re: Audi/VW compatibility and costs

In a note dated 4/23/97 Kwattro writes:

<<HAHAHAHAHA!  Repair cost comparison?  There is none.  If you are that
about repair costs, don't buy the audi.>>

While this statement is for the most part correct, I beg to differ a little
WRT 4kq's. Years ago when I bought my first 4kq I noticed (to support an
arguement with my grandpa) that 4kq's were a Consumer Reports "best used car
buy" (please not another CR thread!).

I can however offer the following comparison (can't comment on the VW
comparison, I was used to Porsche maintenance costs so I always though Audi's
were much less to maintain from what I was used to). We have 2 '85 high miles
European cars. 1 is my 4kq, the other is an ovlov DL wagon (don't ask...mom
needs a 7 seat taxi and I hate mommievans). We are the second owners of both
these cars and have every receipt for both. I have not done an exact tally of
costs, but the ovlov cost of ownership is easily twice (if not more) than the
4kq since new. These comparisons are very difficult to make on used
cars...you really have to compare "since new" because of different maintenace
practices, etc. A good, well maintained, 4kq is a great used car that can
offer high reliability-IF it was well maintained and IS up-to-date on its
maintenance. All cars cost alot to fix, and all cars break. A better way to
say this would be; If you are that worried about repair costs, don't buy a
car. Of course if you can afford it, a new Audi offers the lowest repair
costs of any car there is...for the first 3 years or 50k miles ;-).

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (159k with very low cost of ownership to date)