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89' 80q for sale.

I regret to say that in order to continue paying my way through college, 
I must sell my favorite material posession. I purchased my 80q this past 
January from the friend of a friend (digest subscriber) with 113k on the 
odometer. He always took excellent care of it, and only sold it to me 
because he found a deal on a 90' 90q which he couldn't resist.          
 There are now 120k miles on the car, and it runs perfect!  I got tunnel 
vision when this thing came up for 
sale, and didn't realize I would have to quit school to continue paying 
for it. Hey, now that's an idea! No,  I must keep telling myself there 
will be other quattros out there when I finish school. Please tell me 
there will be. Anyhow, here are some other facts about the car:

Black, four door, 5 speed, cruise, power windows/locks/sunroof, factory 

Exterior-Good condition. No dents or rust, however, there are about a 
million surface scratches on it, as well as a few very minor door dings. 
The car cleans up very nicely, and all of the rubber, door, window, and 
trunk seals have been regularly treated to avoid dry-rot.

Interior- Excellent!  Grey velour seats, car has never been smoked in. No 
wear or tears.

Mechanically excellent. I had the local Bosch service center replace the 
timing, as well as all other belts and the water pump at 118k. All 
coolant hoses have been recently replaced, as well as the battery, tires, 
brakes, muffler, plugs, and fuel & air filters. This car has never been 
driven hard, and has never been in an accident.  

I cannot say enough good things about my very first (but not last) Quattro.
There are no behavioral glitches to speak of, and the car is a true 
pleasure to drive. I finish classes next week and don't start up for the 
summer until mid May, so delivery in the U.S is not entirely out of the 
question. We are in Virginia, and will require $6500 to be seperated.