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Re: Repairing AC condenser

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997, Mike Benno wrote:

> I remember a while back about repairing the
> AC condensers on 89-91 Audi's by taking it 
> to a radiator shop and having them weld it.
> Was this an effective repair?

I suppose it depends on what is wrong with your condensor. 
If you were driving around with your headlight out trying to play racecar
and at 115mph one of our feathered friends somehow took a header in that
direction you may be out of luck... However, my condensor
got a hole in it from a broken mount that was rubbing against it. Took it
to a radiatior type repair shop (there is a surplus of them in
California!) and $30 later I had a working repainted AC condensor.  Still
hold pressure 50k miles later.


Brendan Rudack

Fenton, Michigan 

'88 90Q "my boostless racecar"
coil-overs, G60s, 63mm exhaust, 
modified bumper....