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Re: yet more questions about 87 4000cs quattro

In a message dated 97-04-24 02:12:22 EDT, you write:

<< Question #1
 okay when I put the key in the car and open the door, i get no door
 dinger, further checking revealed that the relay had been removed. I
 looked in my parts bin and found a relay that would fit but has one
 extra termanal peg, Can I just clip that termainal peg?? or sould I find
 one that fits perfect.

Only if you would like to see sparks and fire...and make many other Audi god
sacrifices for messing with Audi wiring ...use "relay" P/N 443 919 439 (x),
also known as the "seatbelt warning relay"...
 Question #2
  When I put the key in and turn it to the first setting the coolant temp
 light flashes, the car never heats up, but when I take a turn fast and
 hard the light blinks? Why would it do this??? 

Insufficient coolant in the resevoir...it may look pretty full, but, after
all, it is an Audi...(oh, they are sooo...picky, picky, picky).  Cautiously
awaiting the dark cloud of Audi revenge after making that statement.  Or if
it is like mine, only make fast lefthand turns...

 Thanks in advance 

No problem...

Bruce Johnson
85 4Ksq
Olympia, WA